Updated: Streetfighter and SuperPlank #fitness #workout

Got some down time here at work, so I was looking at some workout stuff and came across neilarey.com.

He’s got a good site there. I’m gonna give couple of his workouts a go this evening.

I think I’m gonna do the Street Fighter Workout (3 sets most likely) and SuperPlank (probably 2 times through).

As always, I will warm up before and cool down after with something from FitnessBlender.

I’ll give some post-workout thoughts after completion.

GB out.

post-workout notes: good workout, the Street Fighter workout really got me sweating, I need to work on some of my kicks hehe … the SuperPlank workout was tougher than thought going in, around superman plank I started to wear out a little, then the raised arm elbow planks killed me, side planks were fine though, did one round at 30 seconds per exercise, 2nd round at 15 seconds per exercise … I will definitely use these again … neilarey.com was a good site to find 



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Post-workout Photo 3-3-15 #fitness #greybush

postworkout3315just finished a full body dumbbell workout

posting a pic of my torso post-workout

I might take it down. I feel kinda weird posting it. Idea just popped in my head.

Not bad for a GreyBush. I’m fine with my weight. I’d just like to get a little more ‘shredded’ as the kids call it today. Probably need to shave my chest. Got GreyBush there too (oh lord).

But I feel good, and that’s the #1 goal.

GB out.

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